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Julian Reynolds White
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Julian Reynolds Gran Reserva del 2008 red. Structured but more fruity.
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Gloria Reynolds White
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 Robert Reynolds, a characteristic liqueur made with Alicante Bouschet.
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Julian Reynolds Reserve 2011. Mature and structured.
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Carlos Reynolds Rosé 2017
J.Belmonte 1913 was born as a tribute to the famous bullfighter Juan Belmonte. The year 1913 refers to the year in which he took the alternative. From old vines 30-50 years old at a height of 900 m. His collection is done at night to obtain higher quality parameters.
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This wine is from a vineyard located in a village of 120 people at 600 m in height. Both varieties (Alarige and Borba) are interspersed in the plot. Even though this is a problem for the vintage, that mature in different dates, our winemaker thinks that mixtures of varieties should be made with grapes and not with finished wines.
White wine from Extremadura  (Spain) with the varieties: Cayetana Blanca, Pardina, Eva and Montúa. The first two have a lot of fresh fruit and a higher acidity. The other two are early varieties: finer, greedy and elegant grapes.
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